last year was hard

My mother and father both of them got cancer

they are still taking the treatments .. almost finished

everything changed .. and still changing

but I hope the coming will include some joy and happiness

Golisopod Pokemon - hand made air dry clay sculpture figure

Golisopod one of my favorites pokemon in Gen 7 . this one made from air dry clay and some silk clay . hard and water resist
it took long time from me because i tried to do something different than my previous work . this pokemon really deserve extra work :P

another picture
I decided to do the shiny one and added little wimpods shiny and normal because i love the shiny colors more than the normal

i also tried to do small gif for this one

you may ask why the hands/claws are different in the some pictures... it is because i made them movable ! :)

the process was kinda long but full of fun .. and i was a fraid to do something wrong .. but it was good results as first try :)

the silk clay is the red and purple  .. which become like rubber when it dry .. and i used it because air dry clay become like stone which may break if it did not balance .. but the silk clay will just bounce :)

and thats it :)
what do you think ?

Nidoran , Nidorino, Nidorina , Nidoqueen and Nidoking ! sculpts figures

Hi !
so they are finished !

what do you thinkg about this line ?
this image include Nidoran male and female . Nidorino & Nidorina .. and Nidoking (this is the old one that i changed the colors) and nidoqueen .. and finaly .. the sleeping female nidoran :)

these sculptures figures made by airdry clay .
the base still not finished as i will add some big rocks but mainly this is the theme :)

picrues for my nidoran line :)

i used different way to color them . as i did not wanted to be like the plastic or glossy.. i was trying to show the ground/ poison type in them :) and so i mixed my Acrylic colors with some ingrediants to give it thickness and calming color (as acrylic colors are more glossy and very smooth on the work .. which could make it mudy if you try to do mixing or some effects)

i really liked how the new jaw for Nidoking as it was very old work ! changing the hands and trying to do some adjustment on finished one is really hard ! .. but i love this nido and i think i saved him :)

now after finalizing the base there a shiny male nidoran will be added that is still not completed :)

so yes ! thats it .. i hope that you all like them :)

thank you for viewing my post :)

Tyrantrum ! sculpture figure

Nidoran line - before painting.jpg

So , after a lot of waiting and thinking i decided to finalize it and post it :)

I represent my own special hand made TYRANTRUM !

But first just let me remind you of something :)

I posted before a post in the Pokmncollector community
and i asked for opinions about the base , and some commented and gave me ideas

so and i would like to thank them .
i allowed myself to tag you in this post to share the result > i hope you do not mind


As suggested I change the base and tryied to make it all by myself > i did not purchase it

so the result is >>

It took too much time as i struggled with the paints , i searched for long time and i could not find what i wanted but i managed with something else

it is really hard to find the tools in my place and i am not professional as others . effort , money and time (those are already problem to struggles but adding on them "lack of tools" is a war!)

you may think this Tyrantrum is small :) ... but i added his son (which is Tomy figure) - no glue it just stand perfectly  ;)

i took the pictures immediately after i finished with the base :)

i would like to add , it is water resistant ,, kinda heavy .. :)

i hope you like my Tyrantrum , and i will happy to see your comments and your opinion about it

have a great pokeday :)

Note : I am doing Nido family now 

I need to ..

Recently my mother and my father both got Cancer in the same month (september ) .. i went to the sea .. trying to shout/cry or scream .. but i could not .. i cant let my family see me cry .. and i cant cry outside .. my head is full
my life is full ..

New Update - collection :)


so i received new figures and made some organizing to display my figures

and wanted to share it with you and i have some wants to complete it :)

first this is the full group in one shot

i added another shelves and purchased display cases

so lets take closer view

first shelf

this shelf to be  include : Kanto team and all starters . some Zukans .. and some special figures .. and also some of my sculpturs

You can notice that in the case is only Kanto team .. this is my team + starters  in Pokemon R/B and all 1st Gen games
(Charmender line , Squirtle line , Bulba line .. 2 Nidoking (Tomy and KID) Alakazam Kadabra (when you play alone it is hard to do trades :P) Gengar Primape .. and the Amazing Cloyster

above is the mega evolve .. and one of the super stars Lapras ! the one on right is Handmade :) :)

i think that Kalos Pokemon X and Y have a special relation with 1st Gen .. so special figure for Kalos .. and MEW

Next >> All Starters 1st Evo TOMY

I am collecting all starters from Tomy .. and if you noticed (in Kanto case the 1st evo is Not TOMY) i try to make my Zukan line with good sizes ..
so all 1st starters to be on separate display

Kanto (Completed)  Hoenn (completed)                                           Unova (Completed)
Johto (Completed)   Sinnoh (Completed - Turtwig still overseas )    Kalos (Completed - all still overseas they will replace the Piplup)

Electivire line . Eeveelution (facing problem to let them stay !) some Starters . and Noctowl line Zukan

some special figures (Gallade , Haryama , Ivysaur ) and my Hand made Bayleef :) - i love Bayleef ..

Next Eeveelution :)

In the Case
Eeveelution Ipai (completed - umbereon and Sylveon Overseas)
Tomy .. missing Glaceon ! still searching :(

Above the case Charizard amiibo .. Cyndaquil . and my Handmade (Venu . NidoKing .. and in the shadow  Gengar)
down .. My spical and favorit hand made (SHINY CHARIZARD) .. and Char ,cynda line  Plamo figures  with Cyndauil figure

you can understand my favorites from my collection ;)

now to the second shelf ! which still not completed and many
wanted !

as i said still Under progress

from 1st floor Johto team  (I pray for New SP for the final evo !)

behind my Noctowl there is Quilava ...
Scizor ,and tyranitar still Overseas on the way ..

My small strap figure Cynda still need the other strap figure - Wanted Totodil and Chikorita !

still thinking to add Espeon and more figures like Ampharos

Second floor Hoenn Team
again i have the pokedex/Footprint figures for Torchic and Mudkip .. still Need Treeco -  Wanted

Also still considering searching for Aggron and Metagross Larger sizes ..
Gardevoir on the way Overseas .. but it is in some kinda bad condition am trying to find a way how to fix it -_-

Tomy or large Milotic and Hariyama also would be greate ! - Wanted
on the roof are Mega evolves and My Typhlosion and Blaziken :)

In the middle some of My FAV Handmade

Handmade (Electivire, Torchic, Tyranitar, Scizor, Hera , Aggron , Meganuim , Fera , Haryiama .. and Shiny Metagross )
between them Piplup Plamo Line Victini Tomy and Pokedex Ralts
Also My Blastoise on the above left and in the Sky some flying pokemon :)


I really hope that Tomy will issue another Sinnoh, Unova and Johto SP Sizes ..

the team for 4 and 5 Gen still missing too many pokemon .. there is a very small Turtwig in front .. i do not know what is it

yes this is handmade carton display

My torterra is the best lol ..

I have the Tomy  starters first evo  .. i am on search on mini/ smaller figures for Sinnoh and Unova - Wanted

So thats it :)

I love to read your comments, ideas and suggestions , feel free to talk on anything related with me :)

have a great Pokeday !

Jan 17 - want list ! .. wow almost finished .

First of all, you have to know this

- i am living in Oman (it is international shipping ! extra cost X0 )
but am Jordanian (Originally from Palestine)  :P

- due to the shipping cost i cant purchase less than 3 figures from one seller it will cost me too much otherwise. so if you have 3 and more from my want list ! with good price! congratz i can give you my money :)
if not .. i do not know if you can arrange the item from close store or something .. OR you maybe have something else that i may be interested to obtain now or in the future showing me you sale post could add another purchases.. so your comment is appreciated !

Usually shipping from US is 13.5 and 22.5 .. so  / 6+items .. i hope you can understand ..


lets start

below Tomy or other line (if there is good price ) Haxorus , Gardevoir, Glscor

coleção-pokemon-mc-105-glaceon-monster-collection-takara-.-tomy-aberto-raridade-20358-01.jpgTakara Tomy Pokemon Monster Collection Mini Figure 1.5" Gliscor MC-103 New F/S
Note :
I already got Haxorus Zukan . looking for the T-art

Zukan feraligatr
this one i am searching for Feraligatr only .. if you have it loose or with line (help me with the price  )

Alola starters

thank you for viewing my post
as i always say .. even if you do not have the figures .. your advices and suggestions or normal chitchat are always appreciable

Thank you :)

My first plush :P Arrived

usually i do not collect plushes but .. some collectors in this communities really have a cute cool collections ! so i decided to purchase something ..
first i wanted to purchase Squirtle as my son look like him :P and he was laughing when he saw it on TV... then he stopped and i thought he is still very young to show interest in favorite toy or something (still 1 year) ..

later i checked the pokemon center website to chosen something .. Annnd .. it is hard .. they are so cute and adorable .. so i tried to let my feelings decide ..
so my feelings choosed my partner in all games.. even when i played pokemon go .. it is my favorite and i had to catch more than 200 ! just to have the perfect CP ... bytheway i was banned no more pokemon go

this is my partner .. which became someone else partners :) :P

Collapse )

thank you for reading ,
So i guess i will purchase some plushes from time to time .. but not collecting .. am still collecting figures so i always apprecieate your chitchats and your suggestions and recommendations..

Again thank you for reading

Have a great day every one !